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10K Turkey Trot = SUCCESS!

Training for a race kinda sucks… until you show up on D-Day with 17,000 other people and realize you’re ready to go. Even though I’ve run many organized races, I often wonder why people, including myself, keep spending money to run when they could just do it for free.  THIS IS WHY: TURKEY TROT 2 There’s just something about the crowds, the anticipation, the collective anxiety, and the thought that no matter how slow I go or how fast you go… or how fat or skinny or old or young we are… we’re all in this together.  On this day, we’re all runners.  We’re all athletes.  We prepared for this, and now it’s time make ourselves proud.  Well worth the $35 fee, right?  That, and the free snack buffet at the finish line.

On Thanksgiving morning, it was about 20 degrees, and I’ll be honest with you.  I didn’t give a shit.  My boyfriend Eddy and I bundled up and promised to stay together on the course.  Although there are ZERO pictures of us actually running, we finished!  We didn’t break any records, but our time was respectable: 1:11:20.

And I’m so proud of Eddy.  As I mentioned before, he’s more of a sprinter… so long distance running, for him, was a challenge.  And guess what.  He didn’t stop once!  Well, he did stop ONCE, but it was for maybe 10 seconds as we were going up a massive hill.  I’m not counting it.

Here’s my final tally for training.  I stuck to the chart (and even did some extra) during the last half, and it showed! 10 Novice I’ve done two races with Hal Higdon’s programs at this point, one for the marathon and the other for this 10K.  I can’t say enough good things about them.  No matter your fitness level, he has something that fits.  Check out his site!

Now on to a new physical challenge.  Any suggestions?


10K Training Update: Running Is Hard

Remember about 4 weeks ago when I was like, “Hey, I’m gonna train for a 10K“?  Well, believe it or not, we’re approaching the halfway point already.  My boyfriend (who hates long distance running) and I have almost exactly one month until we participate in our turkey trot on Thanksgiving.  I wouldn’t say training is going badly, but I have to be real with you.  I’m not really killing it.

I told you I’d keep you posted on my progress, and I’m a woman of my word.  Here’s exactly what I have and have not done up to this point.  The little red X’s indicate a completed workout, and the last red X on the chart is what I did today.

10 Novice

Notice all the blank boxes?  Yeah.  In my defense, my brother got married that week 300 miles away from where I currently live.  I was having a dress crisis.  Most of my afternoons during week 2 were spent combing Chicago for appropriate wedding attire.  Yes, I could have made time to run, but I didn’t.  That’s just me being honest.

The good news is that the unscheduled off days don’t seem to be holding me back.  My BF and I completed a 4 mile “long run” together last weekend with relative ease.  We didn’t break any records, but we finished.  And he hasn’t run that much at once since high school, so it was really incredible seeing him do something he didn’t think he was capable of.  He even went out the night before and bought special running tights to wear under his shorts.  So official.  And adorable.

During the weekdays, I have a different running partner.  He’s the kind of athlete who burns out early, but he’s working on his stamina.

DEXTER RUNNING 10K TRAININGTaken mid-stride during week 2

As previously mentioned, the turkey trot happens in ONE MONTH.  Until then, I’ll be channeling my inner Prefontaine and referencing my 10 Tricks to Getting Motivated, because it’s starting to get really, really chilly outside.  Holla at me if you have any running/workout tips you’d like to share, or if you need advice.  The address is thehungrytortoise at gmail dot com.  I always read and respond to every single e-mail I get.

I look forward to chatting.  Toodles!

The Runner In Me Returns

This time last year, I was just a few days away from completing my very first (and probably only) marathon.  That’s 26.2 miles.  I still can’t believe it really happened, but there is proof.  Thank God someone had a camera.  The terminator shades hide it well, but I was sobbing uncontrollably as this picture was being taken.  Tears of joy.  Tears of relief.  Tears of pain, because oh my God… my hips feel like they’re dislocating, my muscles are seizing, and my knees are on fire.


I wouldn’t say I’ve been lazy since then.  I guess I’ve just been less intense.  I told myself that this year, I was just going to enjoy myself and enjoy being active.  I didn’t want the pressure of a big race, and I didn’t want the constant dread of another 10, 15, or 20 mile run hanging over my head.  The marathon made life complicated and made my frequent out-of-town trips difficult to plan.  I guess that’s why it’s so rewarding… because it’s really just effing hard to run a marathon.  So, instead of committing to another insane challenge, I’ve been walking, biking, and leisurely trotting around my neighborhood often and whenever the hell I please.  It’s exercise I enjoy, and it’s been magnificent.

The only problem is that now, I’m starting to feel like I need a little kick in the pants.

One year ago, I was able to run 26.2 miles straight.  Just once, but still… it happened.  Now, I’d be lucky to finish 3 without stopping.

So, when my boyfriend (who is an aspiring professional eater, NOT a long-distance runner) suggested we run a 10K Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving, I had some reactions:

A) Who are you?

B) Does this mean I can have more stuffing?

C) No negotiating.  My favorite turkey drumstick hat will be worn.


D) What the hell.  Sure.

I’m telling you, because I’m excited to get started.  I really do enjoy running.  It gives me confidence and time to think.  I’m planning to momentarily update you on my progress, and I hope you’ll keep me accountable.  I’m also hoping you’ll share how you keep in shape.  What’s your favorite way to burn calories?  Kayaking?  Zumba?  Prancercising?  Seriously, I want to know.

Training with the Hal Higdon 8 week 10K program starts MONDAY!  Check it out.  Totally doable, right?  Stay tuned!

10 Novice

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