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10K Turkey Trot = SUCCESS!

Training for a race kinda sucks… until you show up on D-Day with 17,000 other people and realize you’re ready to go. Even though I’ve run many organized races, I often wonder why people, including myself, keep spending money to run when they could just do it for free.  THIS IS WHY: TURKEY TROT 2 There’s just something about the crowds, the anticipation, the collective anxiety, and the thought that no matter how slow I go or how fast you go… or how fat or skinny or old or young we are… we’re all in this together.  On this day, we’re all runners.  We’re all athletes.  We prepared for this, and now it’s time make ourselves proud.  Well worth the $35 fee, right?  That, and the free snack buffet at the finish line.

On Thanksgiving morning, it was about 20 degrees, and I’ll be honest with you.  I didn’t give a shit.  My boyfriend Eddy and I bundled up and promised to stay together on the course.  Although there are ZERO pictures of us actually running, we finished!  We didn’t break any records, but our time was respectable: 1:11:20.

And I’m so proud of Eddy.  As I mentioned before, he’s more of a sprinter… so long distance running, for him, was a challenge.  And guess what.  He didn’t stop once!  Well, he did stop ONCE, but it was for maybe 10 seconds as we were going up a massive hill.  I’m not counting it.

Here’s my final tally for training.  I stuck to the chart (and even did some extra) during the last half, and it showed! 10 Novice I’ve done two races with Hal Higdon’s programs at this point, one for the marathon and the other for this 10K.  I can’t say enough good things about them.  No matter your fitness level, he has something that fits.  Check out his site!

Now on to a new physical challenge.  Any suggestions?


Coming Soon: The BK Turkey Burger

Last week, I told you about the Egg White Delights coming to McDonald’s at the end of April.  Not to be outdone, Burger King announces today that it’s adding something “healthier” to its limited-time Spring menu – a turkey burger!  Here’s what it may end up looking like:

BURGER KING TURKEY BURGERBurger King already offers chicken sandwiches and veggie burgers, but according to reports, this will be the first time any major fast food chain has offered a turkey burger.  But health-conscious friends, PLEASE BEWARE!  Just because this sandwich has turkey in it doesn’t mean its much healthier than say, the Whopper.  Unless it’s turkey breast meat, which I suspect it’s not, the patty probably contains all parts of the bird, including the dark meat and the skin.  That means extra saturated fat, cholesterol, and general ickiness.  Seriously, when it comes to ground meat, you really never know what’s hiding in there.

BK’s turkey burger will sell for a suggested price of $3.99.  It clocks in at 530 calories, only 100 less than the original Whopper.  I haven’t seen an exact date as to when it will be rolled out.  Honestly I don’t care, because I don’t plan on trying it.  In my opinion, it’s just another piece of fast food trash masquerading as health food.

What do you think?  Will you give it a go?

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